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CWC Revisited

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Went to CWC, Pili, Camarines Sur again with friends last Wednesday. We had so much fun!!

We left Albay at 11:00am. Reached SM Naga City at 12:15nn. We ate at KFC and I met with Yon there. Yon is my new found friend on the internet. He is a great photographer. Kathy gave me his multiply gallery and I saw that he has a flickr account. I added him on flickr and sent him a message that I was from Bicol also. He was super nice and replied to my queries. We exchanged emails and chat on YM. Then we decided to meet up in Naga.

After our lunch at KFC we then strolled SM Mall. Yon met up with his friend IJ who is also into photography. And they said they will follow us in CWC, they just need to do some errands. We then ordered pizza at Pizza Hut for our snack. We headed to CWC at 4pm. Yon and IJ were already there. They took some photos of the place and I has amazed by their shots. Yon is the best. I am a fan! He has great gadgets! All I can say is WOW!

We left CWC at 6:30 PM and reached home at 8:00 PM.

This is one of the most unforgettable getaways I experienced.

I had fun meeting new and old friends. Thank you all for making my day happy!

In Boracay

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

I am here in Boracay and finishing up work. I have a lot of emails to read and I thought I won't be able to touch a pc here. I am here for vacation you know. But I have expiring tasks and I need money. ahhahah! So here I am in an internet cafe finishing up my assignments. Sigh!

I just need to finish my tasks and then I am off to swim. Hubby is talking about getting a new KVM but I am not listening right now as I need to finish my tasks fast. We will go home tomorrow and will drop by Puerto Gallera. I'll "see" you all here when I reach home. Bye!

Bye for now! I need to take a photo of the sunset.

Leaving Again

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

for Boracay tomorrow! WEeeeee!!!

I am really excited!!! It will be my first time to go there!

So I am leaving you guys again. So no update until I get back here.

I will miss you all again...

Will take lots of photos to share with you all.

Will work first so that I won't be thinking that much on my vacation.


Disney Cruises

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I will go to Manila on October and I was asking mom how much the plane tickets had caused her on her trip this morning. She told me she paid 1,900+ for the round trip ticket. That wasn't bad. So I checked the PAL website and booked my trip. But guess what the fare promo ended and the round trip ticket cost me 2T+. What more if I want to go on a Disney cruises next year? It will still be expensive for me. Will ask mom if she still wants to go to hongkong or bangkok. Maybe she wants to consider this Disney Cruise that I have been dreaming for years!

Tuscany Villa Rental

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I talked to a friend of mine recently and she told me that she will be having a holiday vacation outside the Philippines. Oh how lucky she is! She will be having a holiday vacation in ITALY! Wow! That is a very nice place to spend a vacation. I am sure it is so cold there specially this Christmas. And she told me about renting a house there and she was so confused on the many nice houses there. So I helped her find an online site for a house rental and I came across this Tuscany Villa Rental. It is a very nice site. Just look at these photos of their houses there.

Isn't it beautiful? After looking at those beautiful photos I am again so envy at my friend. I wish I can also go to that place and have my grandest vacation. I am sure honey will be very happy to have a vacation in Italy. I just hope that this dream will come true.

I read on the site that their Tuscany Rental houses has a very ice and beautiful surroundings! My friend is so in love with the environment so this is really perfect for their vacation. Her kids also loves the swimming pool and look at that photo it is so inviting. I wanna swim in that! hahahahha! Their vacation will be happy I am sure.

I will tell her about this site because I think she will like this a lot!

Dubai Apartments

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Two of my relatives are in Dubai. My Aunt Gigi and my Uncle Venjo are there to work. They are already staying there for a long time already. And sometimes we chat and talk about the place. I kept on asking them if it is good to stay there and if the place is beautiful? And they tell me how beautiful the place was and how luxurious the people there. They also kept on talking about how hard it is to find a decent place to stay in Dubai. I also have a friend there who is also looking for a place like a hotel or an apartment. She is there to visit her mom. She was on a vacation there. I am so envy to her because she got to see those dubai hotel apartments which is so tall. I only got to see those buildings in Discovery and National Geographic. I wished I can also visit my relatives there and spend some time bonding with them and see those dubai furnished apartments. I also miss spending time with them because it is already I think 3 or 4 years since I last saw them in person.

If ever I will go to Dubai I would like to stay to one of the magnificent dubai hotels. As I've seen them in discovery channel. I really admire those people who work on with those hotel. They can see the very luxurious hotel and serve rich people. heheheh!

If ever you are planning to go to Dubai you can visit first the site for your hotel. They got the best place there and look at these pictures:

Isn't it grand? Ohhhh I love to stay in that bedroom! I am sure it is so comfy and soft! Don't you wanna spend your vacation in that kind of hotel and sleep in a very comfortable bed like the picture above? Well I do!

Tremblant Living

Friday, November 30th, 2007

I am wishing for a travel this Christmas for me and for my hubby. I love to see a snow! hehehhe! It is a very nice vacation if we will go outside the Philippines for at least a week this Christmas. That'll be the most memorable day for me ever. I was browsing today for some good vacation sites until I came across this site which has a chalets to stay in. It is so interesting because I've never seen a chalet before. I think it is a nice place to stay while your on a vacation.


The site I discovered is called Tremblant Living. They are located in Canada which is a place I want to visit. They offer a luxury Mont Tremblant Canada vacation home rentals. They have a lot of beautiful homes for your vacation. Everything you need to a home like the kitchen, kitchen utensils, bathroom nececities, bed, pillows, furnitures and other things you need in a house is available with them. So you won't be problematic of what to buy because the house you rented doesn't have what you need.

You can see on the site that the Mont Tremblant Accommodations are priced right. The house is beautiful and you'll have the grandest time if you'll chose to rent their house. And they are also close to nature so I am sure there are a lot of greens when you open a window and you will also hear a lot of bird singing outside. Isn't that cool?

Ohh I love to stay in that kind of house. I am sure I will feel like I am the richest person in the whole world. I should save up for that. I guess you too should try Go to the site now and book your vacation home.

Good Luck!

Book your Hotel

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

A friend of mine told me that she and her family will be having a vacation in New York. They will be there for 2 weeks I think. I envy her so much. Traveling is one of my greatest dream!

Since they will be leaving early next year I will be suggesting to her that she should book their hotel at Easytobook. She told me that they don't know anyone there and they have no place to stay in except for a hotel. The site is good and is recommended to me by another friend. Clean and First class are what consists of the New York Hotels . The site is so nice because you can book your hotel even if you are still here in the Philippines. You only need to have an internet connection.

Right now I would love to go to England. And book my hotel to one of the great and bigLondon Hotels . I am sure I won't be problematic about the hotel I am going to have because there is Easytobook. Go now and book your hotel at

Have a nice trip! Enjoy your vacation!

Berlin and Vienna

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Have you ever been to Berlin? I would love to visit it one day. I think it is a cool place to visit. I wanted to discover how beautiful the place was and how the people live there. And I heard that the Hotels in Berlin are so nice to stay in. I over heard this man talking in the airport asking his friend on how was her trip to Berlin and she said that it was amazing! She even told the man that the hotels are clean and with a very pleasing people. The interior design are magnificent she said. Well I am so excited as I heard their conversation. And my will to go to that place is more and more exciting!

And as I search the net for a place to have a nice vacation, I came across a site in which it is all about Hotels in Vienna and wow the place was as interesting as Berlin! I also want to go there. So do you want to visit the place too? Do check in at the hotels of both place ok?

And BTW, If you are German and you want to view a more translated site of these two you can visit the Hotels in Berlin and the Hotels in Vienna translated site.

Good Luck!

Leaving for Manila

Friday, October 5th, 2007

I will leave later at 6:30 pm for the SCRAPFEST 4 tomorrow. It is a 12 hour ride so I will just sleep on the bus.

Will miss blogging and visiting your blogs!

But I am sure I will enjoy my time there. I will see a lot of old and new friends there, scrap my heart out, shop! shop! and shop until I drop! hahahhaha!, chit chat with friends, learn, and eanjoy the day.

Buh Bye friends! I will be back on Monday.

Take Care! Wish me luck on my challenge. Pray for my safe travel.

Peñafrancia Festival

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Me and Dad at Basilica Church.

My Auntie Vicky, Auntie Chu and my Mom. The kids busy playing the Play Station.

My chubby cousin JV and my ever "kulit" nephew LILO.

My two wacky cousin Chai and Tin. Me and Chai eating yummy dinner.

She has her own world. She was bathing in the rain. How cool was that?She was my cousin Jaja.

 We went to Naga City(to my Aunt's house) yesterday morning. It was a 1 and 15 minute ride. We departed Camalig, Albay at 10:30 in the morning and arrived there at 12 noon, in time for lunch. Lots of yummy foods there! And my relatives from my mother side was there too. I am happy to see them again. After lunch we headed to my other Aunt's house just a few blocks away from there for some relaxation and siesta. We need some rest because the trip was super tiring. I helped my aunt prepare foods for the afternoon snack. And then I just watched my cousins play on the Play station and the PC. Games are all over the place. heheheh! I have nothing to do there, I just watch them play and then I heard a voice downstairs. I heard a male voice singing. My goodness it was my cousin singing! So I joined them since I was really into karaoke. I picked my piece and sing a song. I enjoyed every bit of it. I had so much fun there.And then it was time for dinner. My stomach was not feeling well, I kept on coming back and forth to the CR ( sorry for the term) so I didn't joined the crown in eating my dinner. I just checked my email using my uncle's PC. And then I felt that I am hungry already, so I went off to eat. I asked my other cousin if she had eaten her dinner and she said no so we headed to the buffet table and get our food. I got a little of rice and pork because I might not digest it well. But the Buko salad was the best!

And then today we went to basilica church to hear the mass. There were a lot oh people there. Lots and lots of devotees are visiting Our Lady of Peñafrancia even if the rain doesn't stop. I think the rain was a blessing. I am always thankful that we have this festival for Virgin Mary. For at least a day, people unite and think of prayers.

After the mass we went home already.