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OMG!!! I won!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The LO below "My Inspiration" won to the challenge from Bookoto!!!!!!!

I am soooo HAPPY! I did not expect to win! I woke up early today and went online. I read my emails and when I read Julie's email about the announcement of the challenge winner I was telling myself not to expect too much. I was shocked when I saw my LO on their blog!!! I said its mine!!! OMG! I was smiling from ear to ear and I was jumping. Yes I was jumping for Joy! This one of the happiest morning for me. I won an ENTIRE YEAR of SUBSCRIPTION TO MEMORY MAKERS MAGAZINE! Thank you soooo much BOOKTO! Thank you! You made my Wednesday a happy one even if my husband left for Manila today. More Power! Mwuah!

Birthday Contest by Ate Jen

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Ate Jen has a birthday Contest over at her blog. November is her birthday month that is why she is having a big contest. Just look at the huge prizes!!!

$20 from Jenny Talks
$10 from Nita's Random Thoughts
$5 from When Mom Talks
$5 from Buzzy Me
1,000 EC Credits from A Slice of Life
500 EC Credits from A Life in Bloom
500 EC Credits from Simply Me
500 EC Credits from Nita's Corner
500 EC Credits from Great Finds and Deals
500 EC Credits from Batuananons
125x125 ad spot from Thomas Web Links
125x125 ad spot from Simply Jen
$10 from My Fruitful Voyage
$5 from Moments of my Life
$5 from Blessings in Life and Nierva Dot Com
$5 and 500 EC Credits from Kitchen Deelite
500 EC Credits from Way of Life in OZ
500 EC Credits from Because Life is a Blessing
500 EC Credits from Fab & Chic Finds
500 EC Credits from Filipino Online Community
500 EC Credits from Computer Technology Gadgets
125x125 banner ad display from My Precious Niche
125x125 banner ad display from Food on the Table
$5 from Fab Finds, etc.
$5 from Just Blogging It and PRC Board Exam Results
500 EC Credits from Around HongKong
500 EC Credits from Whats Up!
500 EC Credits from Digiscraptology
700 EC Credits from My Cross Roads
500 EC Credits from Healthy Living and Lifestyle
125x125 ad spot from Thomas Travel Tales
$5 and 500 EC credits from A Mother's Horizon
1,000 EC Credits from Nierva Dot Com
500 EC Credits from This and That
500 EC Credits from Scraps & Shots
500 EC Credits from Rumination
125x125 ad spot from Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts
125x125 ad spot from Tech Stuff Plus

Join now and get a chance to win these big prizes!!

Yen’s Blog Contest

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Yen is having a contest over at her blog.

Here are the PRIZES:

First Prize
$ 40 from Yennygirl
$ 10 and 500 EC From Swept Away
2000 EC from Indo Contest
1000 EC from A Life in Bloom
1000 EC from Affiliatizer
1000 EC from ThemeLib
125×125 ad for one month from Wonderful Things in Life
125×125 ad for one month from Creative in Me
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Blog Review plus 125×125 ad for one month from Live From Waterloo

Second Prize
$10 from Yennygirl
$10 from My Happy Place
$10 from Suburban Sass
2000 EC Credits from WordPress for Beginners
1000 EC from Because Life is a Blessing
1000 EC from When Silence Speaks
1000 EC from Wiehanne Lounge
125×125 ad for one month from Music of My Heart
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love

Third Prize
$10 from Fab Finds, Etc.
$10 from I AM DZOI
$10 from Mommy Talks. Wife Stories
1000 EC from Digiscraptology
1000 EC points from Wonderful Things in Life
1000EC points from Heart Random
125×125 ad for one month from LittlePeanut
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love

Fourth Prize
$5 and 500 EC From Official Chosen Fate
$ 8 and 200 EC from Walk on Red
$5 from Living the Healthy Life
1000 EC from Etc-Atbp.
125×125 ad for one month from Around the World
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love

Fifth Prize
$ 5 from Stripe and Yellow
$ 5 from Doll Me Up
300 EC From The Scrapaholic Me
200 EC From It’s Where My Heart Is
125×125 ad for one month from Blogging for Bloggers
125×125 ad for one month from Pea in a Pod
RSS Text Link for one month from Blog for Beginners
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love

Yummy prizes isn't it? so do join now because the contest will be up to October 24th only.

Good Luck!

Happy Birthday Contest

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to my friend Jacq's daughter!

She is having a contest over at her blog.

Head over there and get a chance to win $15 paypal money and $5 to two person who can post the best birthday greetings to her adorable little girl.


Saturday, September 13th, 2008

No electricity from 8am to 5:30pm so I didn't have time to post the winners.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Thank You all for joining!

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!!!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

September 10, 2007 was the date I started this blog. Time really flies so fast because this blog is on its 1st anniversary already!!!! Weeee!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!!!

And now I am having a little contest to celebrate my bloggie's anniversary!

Just comment below and greet my little bloggie here and you will have a chance to win 1 of the two $5 that I am giving away. I will use randomizer to draw the winner on Saturday, September 13, 2008. Deadline will be on Friday, September 12, 6pm (Philippine time).

Join me ok? Thanks!

Birthday Contest Winners

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I forgot to draw the winners last night. I was too tired I went off to bed after I got home, so I was in a hurry to do it today. I have no one to do the drawing so I did it myself. Sorry for the no thrill drawing. Hubby is leaving for Baguio and as you all know I have no child. So no one will draw the winners except me.

Here are the winners:

Click the photo to view it larger.

Winner of $10.

The winner of $5.

The winners of scrapbook magazines as consolation prize. I picked 5 instead of 4.


To the winners of paypal money please send to me your paypal address. If you don have my email address you can reach me via the contact form on this blog. And to the winners of the scrapbook magazines, I will be sending them to you this week. Kindly send to me also your mailing addresses. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned because I will be having another contest next week for the first anniversary of this blog. Weeee!!!

Ends Today

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

My blog contest it is. I will be drawing the winners later. Will post the winners tomorrow. Thank you to all who joined. I am happy to know that there are readers on my blogs. Thank you so much also for the birthday greetings!

Stay tuned!!

My Birthday Contest

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

My birthday is 3 days to go (August 31 is my birthday!!! weeee!!!). Perfect for a birthday contest right?

Here are the Prizes: $10 paypal money for the first winner and $5 for the second. I will also pick 4 people to win my 12 scrapbooking magazines( this is already used magazines).

So here are the mechanics of my contest:

1.  Blog about this contest and put all my blogs on your post.

A Handful of Surprises

My Paper Scraps

I Am a Nikon Girl

Digitally Diane

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

2. Comment here if you are finished posting on your blog. You can increase the chances of winning by posting this contest on all of your blogs. 1 entry per blog.

3. Deadline will be on September 2, 2008, 12 pm(Philippine time). The contest will run for 5 days.

So go and post this contest and win!!!

Thanks and Happy blogging!!!

*The party hat that I am wearing in this photo is different from my entry to the Week #1 of the Scrappinmoms Idol 2008. Just for clarification.