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Two Boards For Inspiration

Thursday, September 30th, 2010


I like this so much!

I want to have a space like this one. With two boards to put all the things I am inspired of. I will make something like this on my future scrap space. It is still on the planning stage. I still have a lot of time to scout for inspirations and save up.

I am inspired today because of this photo. 

No Mojo

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I remember I need to ask our maid to clean the refrigerator this weekend. It’s been weeks since I last cleaned it. I also need to ask the husband to check on the refrigerator filter. Checking the refrigerator is a must for us as we need to monitor the electric consumption. It’s been going up and down and I am worried about it.

Oh well, I haven’t scrapped since yesterday. Mojo jojo haven’t visited me. I opened photoshop today but nothing came out. I just stared at the screen and did nothing. Poor me!

$1 Sale and Freebie from Lauren Grier

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010


Remember these products will be available for $1 for ONE DAY ONLY (tuesday) ! <3 Thank you everyone who swung by and picked up Mondays favorites!! <3

And here’s the preview of the huge freebie:


Her creative team made 11 templates for all of you. Isn’t that great? you can download these here:

And another thing, if you use the template and give her the link you have a chance to win $20 GC to her store!!! Now that’s what you call HUGE gift!

Go, download and scrap! And get a chance to win your favorite kit from LA.

Invest Now

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Now is the right time to buy a gold bar for investing. The demand increased in the past few years and a lot of investors chose this way of investing. Small thing but surely. Gold is the highest form of precious metal and it’s value never depreciates. In time your money will go to a higher level when the time passes by. You’ll get much more of the amount you paid in buying the investment. It is good specially with the economy being not so stable. I am thinking of investing too so i am heading over to the US Gold Bureau site to read more information about this form of investment.

Stay Gold by Misty Cato

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


Filled with warmth, Stay Gold features all of autumn vibrant oranges, red and yellows with a pop of teal blue.

New release from Misty Cato.

I super duper love this kit. Very nice colors and the elements are soooo yummy! I love using them.

Here’s my page for this beautiful kit.


My big tummy.

This is so far my favorite layout. I love scrapping my pregnancy pics. Love my tummy so much! And I love the baby inside. =)


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I am still here. Nesting.

Been sleeping a lot and no mojo at all to scrap or do anything but check facebook. My tummy is already big. I’ll post my latest pic here later. I am now on my 31st week. 9 more weeks or less and I am ready to pop! We are so excited for this baby. This week we will go to SM Naga and buy my baby’s wooden crib and other baby things. I am so excited to shop! The best part of being pregnant. hahaha! This is better than asking you to buy apidexin by your friend when all you did is to eat and eat and eat. hahahah! Talk about diet and being pregnant. Duh?

Fall Frolic by Zoe Pearn

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


The magical season of fall is upon us yet again... The weather is cooling down, and soon we'll be reaching for those coats and frolicking in the Autumn leaves! With it's soft, pretty colours and homely touches, this kit will have you scrapping your fall pages in fun and style!


We don’t have fall here in our place so I used the kit in a different way. I’ve been longing to scrap this photo of me, my sister and my cousins. We are all wearing blue that time. Just coincidence. And finally a kit that’s perfect for my photo.

Pending Payment

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

My friends and I are now complaining on a work not getting paid. And it has been 3 months I think since they paid us. It is never good to keep your employees waiting. Sigh! Now how can I pursue my dream to buy gold and invest in it? I’ve been dying to save up and invest in something that I can earn from in the future. I read from US Gold Bureau site that I can get gold from them. They are one of the most trusted company in terms of purchasing precious metals. Well, when you are looking for a good site to purchase gold or silver the most trusted and reliable one is the one you will look for. So go now to the US Gold Bureau site for precious metal purchasing info.

Art and Soul by Sahlin Studio and Holly

Saturday, September 25th, 2010


Scrapbooking is an amazing hobby, but sometimes you need something a bit different than the standard "photos + words" approach to tell your story. Sometimes you need the freedom of layering messy paints, vintage elements, torn papers, and topping it all off with rusted hardware and bits of flowers. In other words- sometimes you need to art journal! Art journaling is all the rage in the scrapbooking world because it let you return to your crayon-scribbling and decoupage days, all with the safety of the magic "undo" button. Whether your digital canvas is the size of a credit card, or a giant 12 x 12 , this collab between Sahlin Studios and Holly Designs holds everything you could need to create magical and heartfelt works of art!


My LO for this kit. My loving niece is my subject on this LO. She’s the cutest in these pics! I love her!

True Blood’s Female Following

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The HBO series True Blood has become the most popular show on the premium cable network since The Sopranos. The Sopranos enjoyed success by patterning itself after the 1990 hit movie Goodfellas. Many of the actors from that film played similar parts in the series. True Blood did not have the coattails of a movie to pave its success. The Alan Ball serial became a pop culture triumph as a gory, bloody and sexually graphic show aimed at women.
While True Blood appeals to a broad audience, the show is the spawn of author Charlotte Harris. Harris created the Sookie Stackhouse character as a strong female lead in a dangerous, supernatural world. Stackhouse has been able to survive attacks from vampires, werewolves and maenads during the first three successful seasons of the series. While action is always a part of the True Blood series, the focus of the show is on the relationships.
While fans of The Sopranos wondered if a character would get “whacked”, True Blood fans speculate on which characters will hook up next. Stackhouse has the ability to read the minds of humans, which has caused major difficulties in her love life. Meeting her first vampire, on and off boyfriend Bill Compton, allowed Stackhouse to have her first serious romantic encounter because she could not read his mind. Since Stackhouse’s first romantic encounter, fans of the show have speculated on which vampire, werewolf or shape-shifter she would end up with next.
The True Blood brand has become a status symbol like True Religion jeans or Gucci handbags. Paris Hilton tweeted about her love for the show and has hosted watch parties. The main characters from True Blood have appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in a racy photo shoot. While the show is part of the vampire craze, its staying power can be attributed to targeting female viewers.

Sahlin Studio Moved

Saturday, September 25th, 2010



Yes Sahlin Studio left Scrapmatters and is now selling her beautiful goodies at The-Lilypad. I am so happy for her move. She will surely enjoy her stay at the Pad. I’ve been so happy to belong to her CT and I am happy for her move.

Go visit her store now as she is having a 20% off on all her stuff.

Visit her store in this link:

Paper Flowers for a Beautiful Bride’s Day

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I have a good friend who is one of the most determined people I know. You wouldn’t think so meeting her (she can be pretty shy), but when she gets something in her head, she gets it done. This is my applause to her—consider it a new form of my scrap booking and memory keeping!
Her latest achievement is planning a wedding while finishing a degree and working like crazy to afford it. To do this, she is taking three classes, as well as another language class, from one of the many online universities. She is living back at home and spending the time she would be in class at her job. The crazy thing is that she is also graduating a semester early, and managed to be able to do this after studying abroad!
Even though she can get so stressed about affording her wedding, I know it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Her best idea so far is making paper flowers out of old book pages (both her and her fiancé are obsessed with old books). You should look it up and do it yourself; the flowers are adorable and are going to be sprinkled all over the tables at her reception. The idea came from Martha Stewart (who else with these things?). The table centerpieces are also going to be stacks of old books, with a fern or ivy plant in either a antiqued pot, or in an antique teacup. It will be lovely!
To make it even more perfect, each of the tables are being named instead of numbered. Each table will have the name of one of 20 Oxford colleges, to celebrate where Amy and her fiancé met. You have never seen two lovebirds like these two. They just can’t wait to start their lives together, and I am looking forward to being a part of their wedding.

Surprise, Money!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Been thinking about our needs a lot lately. With the husband's job the way it's been, and all of these bills coming in, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, things have seemed to even out for him, and I've even managed to pick up something to do on the weekends. But we always make it priority one to spend time together as a family. That's the most important thing.
A friend of mine was telling me about some prospects she's picked up online lately. She's quite the little entrepreneur, but she's only got the same amount of education I do. But her and her family seem to be doing okay. She's got some stakes in a few different websites, developing them from the back end and so forth. But she's actually got me a little bit hooked on sports betting sites. Guilty pleasure!
I know it's maybe a little bit unorthodox for someone like me, but I think it's kind of thrilling. You just have to know how to regulate your habits. I have a couple of bucks set aside, so I know when to say 'enough is enough,' and if I come out ahead, I'll scrape the stuff off the top and keep the same betting amount. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win, it's just part of playing the game.
Again, I know it's unusual, but I think the whole betting thing has gotten a bad rap over the years. You'd go out and spend a couple of bucks at the game or at the bar, why not let your money make money? It makes good conversation, too. I can hold my own in head to head with the husband and his friends, and I have the money to show for it. Maybe it's not so guilty after all.

Funkalicious Fall by Jennifer Fox and Nikki Epperson

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Jennifer Fox and Nikki Epperson have teamed up again and this time we're bringing you the FUNKIEST fall kit ever!!! This kit is perfect for fall photos and can be used for girls AND boys! Come get Funkalicious with us!


Image is linked to the TDC store.

Here’s my LO for this kit:


My dear Harmony is so cute here! I love this picture! I hope her mom loves this layout as much as I loved making this.

Donate a Car

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

We are now in the process of getting a brand new car. My husband was so lucky to have parents who are so supportive and loving. They are processing of getting a car for us. Meaning they will pay for everything! Sweet right?

So our old and super used car will go to my in laws garage for a while when the new car arrives. My father-in-law was thinking of selling it. He is just looking for someone who is willing to buy a second hand car.

But did you hear about the car donations in illinois? I was so amazed by the act of donating cars for the benefit of Vietnam Veterans of America, Illinois State Council. With the car donation you are able to help the veterans with their daily living. The veterans gave their life for us to fight during wars and it is our duty now to help them.

Now I am thinking on donating our old car to the veterans. I will have to talk to the husband if he is willing to do this too. Now if you are also looking on how to donate your car too, you can visit for more information.