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Garmin GPS

Friday, August 28th, 2009

My husband recently repaired my dad's car and it is now A-ok! I am so proud of my husband. He also suggested to have a Garmin GPS on it. He said it will be beneficial to my dad as he is not yet familiar of some places. The GPS system will lead you to the place you need to go. It is a high technology which will benefit you so much. So if you are not yet familiar of some places you need to get those GPS system for your car.


Friday, August 28th, 2009

Mom is busy sewing curtain on our living room these past few days. She is good at it. I wish I inherited her talent in sewing dresses and curtains. Well in a way I got some of her creativity. I am into scrapbooking and that's a talent. =)

I have the same sewing machine at home but it is not yet functioning as there are some parts missing. I need to sent it to the repair shop. I am planning of getting an automatic sewing machine so that it will be easier to handle.

Beautiful eyeglasses

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Looking for an $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? You can now get it Zenni Optical's website which can be found here I am thinking of replacing my eyeglasses. It's been a year I think since I got this and wouldn't it nice if I get a new one. Not only will I have a fashionable look but I will have an updated clear grade on my eyeglasses. I think my vision is blurred in this old eyeglasses so the need to replace it is a must. And I also want to know the answer to the question of my friend How You Can Start Spending Smart ? And the answer was found at Zenni Optical. I can get a very reasonable price at Zenni. So get yours there too! I am sure you won't regret getting your new eyeglasses there. My favorite high fashion eyeglasses are all at Zenni Optical. I am browsing the site now and I was drooling on the wide variety of eyeglasses there!

Yummy Cake!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I just want to share this yummy yummy chocolate cake here. I got the recipe from The Daily Digi. They warned the readers that the recipe is dangerous and you bet it is really really true! The Cake is dangerous! It's a 5 minute recipe and you'll love it to bits!

After I knew the right ingredients I won't stop baking this cake! It is irresistible!

Halloween Invitations

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Halloween is past approaching and my mommy friends are busy doing some costume shopping right now. I also want to find a good Halloween costume for my niece. Maybe a honey bee will fit her. She is just 9 months old so I think it will look cute on her. And a lot of people are inquiring me to make a Halloween invitations. I haven't done an invitation like that as we don't practice that occasion here. But I am willing to make one too. A great way to discover new things right?

Its good to have friends

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

... who stay with you during bad times and good times also. I am happy today because I will be meeting up with a lot of friends this August. I am excited! My birth month is really a good month for me. I got what I need this month and with a very supportive husband it doubles up the happiness I am experiencing right now! Thanks hon for always being there for me. I love you!

So friends! you know who you are I can't wait to see you all!!!!



Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I am so ready to be a mom again. First thing I need to do is my OB check up. I need to do the pap smear thing for check up. And if everything is A-ok then we will be working on it. Woot!!!!

I am excited right now.

Ok I am also ready to work now. I better start them now because deadline is near already. I need moolah for some online shopping so I need to work on it.

Bye people!!!

Applying Cosmetics

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I am thinking of going to one of the best cosmotology schools in town so that I will learn how to do my make up the right way. I have been wanting to be good in doing my make upjust like my friend Glo. But before that, I need to buy some good make up brands. I better stock some on my make up bag. And then after getting those essentials i will surely enroll myself to one of the best cosmotology school. Photography and cosmotology is the perfect match so if you are into photography you also need to learn to apply cosmetics to yourself or to your models. This way you can save up in hiring a make up artist right? So yeah now I am convinced to enroll to a cosmotology school. =)

Still Up

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Yup I am still up. I can't sleep so I blogged to inform you that I am still here. I needed to finish online tasks too. Hubby is sleeping already, maybe dreaming of me now. heheheh!

ok what am I doing right now? I am blogging can't you see? LOL! ok seriously I am doing some online tasks going to expire a few hours from now. So I am here working. I better make my time useful huh!

Ok bye for now. I need to work. I better stop blabbering here. =)

LO Share: CT Stuffs

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Ok here I am again posting my latest LO's made for my CT's. I am so happy mojo is back! woot!

This LO was made using Tiffany Tillman's template available at Little Dreamer Designs and Fee Jardine's Sweet love kit available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. This layout is for my dear friend Kaje. It is her cute daughter Abi on the photo. Hope you like it Kaje and dear Abi!

The LO's above is for Sahlin Studio CT. The two LOs was made using the Blessed kit available at Scrapmatters.

And these last two LOs is for Fee Jardine CT using Rock Chick and Dude kits available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I also used a Janet Phillips template on the last LO.

I hope I inspired you with my LO's. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Until next time!

Bathroom Renovation

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I had a good dream last night. In my dream I was able to deliver a baby with no pain at all. I just saw that he/she was there by my side. I think this tells me that I need to be pregnant again this time. My longing of having a baby is getting stronger that it keeps on entering my dream!

As I wash my face this morning I thought of having our bathroom renovated. Because in the time that we will have a baby again I will surely use the bathroom more often. To wash and to bathe our baby. I need to plan everything before the baby comes or should I say before we plan on having a new baby.

So now I am searching for some good tiles for our bathroom and furniture for bathrooms. I saw a lot of good ones at and I can't wait to get them. They have great range of bathroom supplies which you will like to put in your bathroom. Better Bathrooms is the site for you bathroom lovers. They have a good range of bathroom utilities and furniture. So have a good and happy shopping in their site!

I hope hubby will approve on me this time. The last time I talked about this matter he said it can wait. Wish me luck ok?

Off to browse more at Better Bathrooms.


Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I am so full. I ate grilled pork and chicken for lunch. Yum!

And now I need to work on the wedding storybook of my client. I hope to finish this before leaving for Manila. I feel so inspired today so I think I will be as much productive as of yesterday. I made 8 pages yesterday and I am happy about it. I hope to make more today. Wish me luck!

Ok. Happy lunch time to everyone!

Soothing Music

Monday, August 17th, 2009

... while browsing the net is a feel good mood. I am browsing some photography sites and at the same time looking for a good preschool furniture. I need to scout a small chair and some toy cabinets for my nephew and nieces. I feel so inspired today. I wish there is really 48 hours so that I can stay in front of my computer longer. I wanted to do a lot of things but this butt of mine won't stay out of my computer table... ummm... what's that word again? Oh it LAZY! LOL!

WST Store Closing

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

This is really sad for me. I am a part of the {we are} storytellers team before and I love that site! It's breaking my heart to know that it is now closing. WST is my first store CT and I love the community there. I resigned there a few weeks after the announcement of its closing because I can't handle my schedule well at that time. I am ashamed of not doing my duties as a CT there so I decided to leave. It is so hard to leave what you love. I have been a CT there for a year and a half I think. WST will always be my home. I hope there will come a time that Deann and Patrick will open WST 2.0. And if they will need me I am always here. I am ready to be a CT for them again. Goodbye WST! I will miss you!

There is a SALE going on there. So if you want to buy for the last time, don't walk RUN now! Sale will end 08/16.

Happy shopping everyone!

Good Luck D & P! I will surely miss WST.


Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Today I am starting to go on a diet. My pants doesn't fit me now! And I don't want to buy a new one right now. So I needed to go on a diet. I am thinking of getting the best diet pills online. I might need it so that my dieting will be fast and see good result. Sigh! This is really making me sad right now. Seeing my body in the mirror is not a good view so I am making a decision to sacrifice. I know I can do this. Good Luck to me!