Still Here…

But first I wanna take this chance to greet you:

The Holidays is keeping me busy. Sorry for not posting a freebie again last Friday. I was out most of the time and was busy shopping for gifts this Christmas. I am almost done with my gift shopping and gift wrapping. I am so excited for Christmas! We will be having a celebration later together with the kids carolers here in our place. We never gave them money every time they sing merry christm as at our house. We just say to them to go back on the 24th because we will be having a party. And that makes them excited! I am excited too. Helping the kids is such a fullfilment to us. We are happy to see them laughing and having fun. Mom got packs and packs of juice and she will be making sandwiches this afternoon. I also bought some prizes for the games. Will blog about it after the holidays.

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