I Want To Be A Mom Again

I wanna get pregnant again.

It is so sad in our house that there is no baby. I envy my friends who are pregnant already and soon they will be cuddling their babies. I miss Huey now! And I also miss my nephew and niece. They are in Kuwait now. I miss the smell of babies and also their smooth skin. When Huey is still alive I will always smell him, even if he did not take a bath he will always smell nice. I miss the smell of my baby. :(

I really can't wait to get pregnant again. Its been 4 years since I had a baby and if ever I will be pregnant again I will surely be a newbie mom again. I should register and frequent some fertility, pregnancy, parenting advice forums now. This will help me prepare and be ready to be a mom again. I am excited! And as I am googling some sites about pregnancy I came across Gurlge.co.uk and I am liking this forum. They have articles about fertility, pregnancy and parenting, all the things I am looking for. Plus they have Chat and Answers. All you have to do is ask and then doctors, proffesionals and experts will answer your inquiries. Isn't that great? I will frequent this site for sure!

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