Reminiscing Sister’s Prom

I remember the last time that my sister had her Junior and Senior prom. She was so eager to look for some magazines because she is looking for a great prom dresses to copy. She decided to have a dress made by our dress maker. She was so excited for her first JS prom. I was also excited for her. I remember my prom and it was not that exciting. Our school was a very conservative one and you can't even wear spaghetti strap dresses and the sad thing about it is that it was held at our gymnasium. =(

Lets not talk about my sad prom... LOL! Back to my sister's... I saw a very happy and beautiful sister on her prom day. She blooms into a young lady and I am so proud of her. She was wearing a blue dress just like those celebrity dresses on TV. This is a very special occasion to her. And that one special dress is still on her cabinet. She still look at it from time to time. She may be reminiscing those times that she was very happy and beautiful. I know in time she will feel the same and that will be on her wedding day.

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