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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

{We Are} Storytellers is having a year end sale right now. Go grab everything on your wish list now. I know you have tons of goodies in your list. Now is the time to go buy it!

And another one:

And also check Audrey Neal's Promo.

And Molly DeCrow's

Such a great year end SALE!


Family Reunion 08

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Orange is our theme for this year.

The Vibar Clan

Next year will be the color purple. Weeeee!!! That is my favorite color! I am already excited.

Last December 27th is our Family Reunion/Christmas Party. It was held here at my parents house. It was one wacky and fun celebration. We got to see our cousins again. We had a lot of dancing and singing. Each family will perform a number and the judges will choose the winner and I am happy to say that we won the second place!!! We performed a song number singing the DYOSA theme song with matching character masks. I am Diana (the villain which happens to be my real name also). Hubby was Kulas, Dad was Adonis, Brother was Bakus, Sister in law was Calliope, Mom was Magayon, Baby Nadine was Sinukuan and my sister is Josephine?Dyosa. It was a fun number. The audience laughed as we perform.

I will continue telling my story about this family reunion on my next post. I just need to eat dinner.

My Latest Purchase at Etsy

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

This is my fave purchase at etsy so far:

I saw this Marie Antoinette headband on Buge's blog. And I fell in love with it after I saw it so I asked Buge what's the name of the Etsy seller where she bought it. She gladly gave me the link of the etsy seller and I am so happy to purchase it! I was excited! I am not expecting for it to arrive before Christmas because I bought it last December 10. It takes two weeks for the things I purchase to arrive at my place. But I am thankful that it arrived before New Year! Yay! I will surely wear this on New Year's eve.

Thank Buge for giving me the link of this headband. I super duper like it!

New Year New Look!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Yes, I wanted to change in the coming year and even in my blogging I want change too! So I spent the whole afternoon this day to change the look of my blogs. Yes you read that right with the letter "s", because I changed the look of my 2 other blogs! Look!

I also changed my photos in twitter and other forums I visit everyday. I can feel the change in me and I can feel the new year! I hope this year will be a lucky one for me and for my husband.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Be safe always!

Another New Kit in the Store

Monday, December 29th, 2008

I uploaded this Boy Kit last December 24th. I was so happy with the out come of this kit. My first time to make a boy kit.

Danniel Kit

Now available at my store at The-Digi-Boutique.

This kit contains 5 solid papers and 9 patterned papers. 4 Bull Nose Clip 4 Buttons 4 Circle Border 1 Circle Frame 3 Circle Strings 1 Claps 5 Epoxy Button 1 Hinge 4 Ribbon 4 Stapled Ric Rac 4 Stitches 3 String. Papers are in JPG format and elements are in PNG. Kit was created at 300 DPI.

How’s your Christmas?

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

How was your Christmas everybody?

Mine was a great one. We celebrated it with the kids in our subdivision. It was one happy party! You can visit my other blog here for the photos:

I am now preparing for our family reunion which will be celebrated here at my parents house. I need to cook spaghetti and cheese sticks as a contribution to the food.

Ok I better resume my cooking because the event will be 7pm and it is already 4:30pm. Yaicks! I better stop browsing some promotional product for my cousin too. I'll do this later or tomorrow.


I have Good News!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

If you guessed that I am pregnant you are wrong. I am not yet pregnant. hihihiih!

I want all of you to look at this link so that you will know the good news!

Yes! That's right!

I am now a DESIGNER at!!!!!

I am so happy to share it with you all! It is my dream to be selling my kits and it came true before Christmas! This is the best Christmas gift I received this month! Hubby was excited too! He congratulated me yesterday.

I added one kit in the boutique and one alpha pack.

Simply Nadine is named after my niece who is the new baby of my brother.

I had fun creating this kit.  This kit contains 5 solid papers and 7 patterned papers. 3 ribbon bows 5 different buttons 2 doodled borders 2 frames 3 flowers 3 beaded hearts 3 ribbon flowers 1 ric rac 1 staple 3 strings 4 word art. Papers are in JPG format and elements are in PNG. Kit was created at 300 DPI.

Simply Nadine Alpha

Contains letters from a-z and numbers 0-9.

Also includes special letters. Alphas are in PNG format and was created at 300 DPI.

I am still creating my second kit right now and I might upload it later or tomorrow. It is pure happiness to see my kit being selled at the store. I wanna thank Josy for helping me out on the uploading to the store and Thank you to THEDIGIBOUTIQUE for accepting my application as a DESIGNER! Thanks also to my friends who supported me on this new venture specially to BUGE, ZANNE and my TWITTER friends. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Merry Christmas!

Still Here…

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

But first I wanna take this chance to greet you:

The Holidays is keeping me busy. Sorry for not posting a freebie again last Friday. I was out most of the time and was busy shopping for gifts this Christmas. I am almost done with my gift shopping and gift wrapping. I am so excited for Christmas! We will be having a celebration later together with the kids carolers here in our place. We never gave them money every time they sing merry christm as at our house. We just say to them to go back on the 24th because we will be having a party. And that makes them excited! I am excited too. Helping the kids is such a fullfilment to us. We are happy to see them laughing and having fun. Mom got packs and packs of juice and she will be making sandwiches this afternoon. I also bought some prizes for the games. Will blog about it after the holidays.

Gifts Under Our Tree

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

There are gifts under our tree already!!! Weeeee!!! I wrapped them up and ready to be given away on Christmas Day! I still need to go to the mall tomorrow and purchase some toys for our nieces and nephews and then wrap them up and I am finished with my Christmas gift shopping! Whew! It is fun to wrap those gifts and I am so happy to be giving gifts to my family and friends. I am not expecting to be receiving gifts for me. I am happy gift giving this year.

How's your Christmas shopping going on?

Sickie Me

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

I am sick again. Have tonsillitis and a runny nose. I hate it! I don't want to be sick this Christmas! I still need to attend to a lot of parties and we will visit friends a families on the 25th. I don't want to just stay at home and watch tv. I wanna go out and have some fun and eat a lot. hahahahah! I will envy my siblings if I will be sick this Christmas. So NO NO sickie to me. I better take my medicines and get some rest. I also need to take lots of water. I need to take care of my health.

My Everyday Minerals Make Up

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

The other day make up is the topic of my twitter friends. They brought up the Everyday Minerals make up and I got so curious about this brand. They tried it and said to be a great make up. They ordered a free sample and only pay for the shipping fee which is only $. A really great deal right? So I ordered some samples which is free and bought some brushes as a gift for my mom ( i hope she won't read this. =)). My order arrived last Tuesday and my mom got it at the post office. I told her not to open it. I joked that it was a bomb so that she won't open it. LOL! It is my gift for her that is why.

I wanna keep the sample make up but hubby said to give it to my mother for Christmas together with the Kabuki brushes. I will just buy my own make up next week. I love the samples. I tried it on my hand and they are so beautiful. I love the blush and the foundation so much. I will surely buy my make up there. And the Kabuki brush are so nice on the face! I am convinced! EM is a favorite from now on.

Thanks twitter friends for introducing EM to me.

Busiest Month

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Ok I know I am not blogging.

I am a bad bad blogger. Christmas is my busiest month. I am busy shopping for gifts and making personalized gifts for my dad and my mother in law. I also need to keep up with my creative team duties and some online tasks. I am so sorry for not blogging that much this days. I know you are also busy this Holidays. And maybe some of you are in Las Vagas for vacation and staying in the grand las vegas hotels. I envy you guys! I wish I can also go somewhere and have a vacation. But no I can't. I need to be here with my family. And Christmas means love and family to me so I am staying here. hihihi!

Freebie Friday: Sweet Lemonade

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Sorry for not posting a freebie last Friday. We don't have internet connection since December 12, Friday until this afternoon. I was about to upload the papers for my freebie when suddenly the connection was cut off. My ears are smoking at that time. I really hate our internet provider. And to make it worse they did not act to repair it until this afternoon! hmp!

Enough of my ranting. Lets proceed with the late Freebie. =)

Download the Papers.

Download the Elements.

Enjoy scrapping everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Bad Bad Blogger!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Sorry for not updating this blog often. I was lazy blogging my life this week. I don't know why. No I am not pregnant. hihihihi! It is just the time of being lazy and do nothing. hihihihi!

Hubby is in Manila right now. But he will be back tomorrow. He needs to buy tires for our buses. I on the other hand went to the mall today to shop for gifts and to buy an outfit for our Christmas Party. Our color for this year is Orange. It is so hard to find an orange blouse at our local mall. I hope the one I bought is really orange. hihihii! I also went to the dermatologist but the doctor is away so I will just go back tomorrow.

So how was my scrapping right now. I am still busy working on my CT LOs.

Here they are:

You can view full credits here:

Thanks for Looking and for visiting my blog!

Penscrappers Entry

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I joined the penscrappers contest. And here is my entry:

Please vote for me everyday on this link:

I will appreciate it if you vote for me. =)

The prize for this is a wacom tablet. It is my dream to own one so please help me fullfill my dream.

Thanks in advance!