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I always dream of traveling outside the Philippines. And one of my target will be Paris. I always love to see the Eiffel Towers and have a picture there with my husband. I envy a lot of my friends who went there already and saw their blog about their experiences about their travel. That they had the best time of their life. The place is so romantic and the food was delicious. I need to try it too to experience tasting other foods than filipino foods. One of my friend told me that I can get there with a cheap price. They save for it and got a travel guide and they are off to go. If ever I already saved a lot for a travel I will surely consult her for some advice.

If you are also planning of traveling you have to try this site which I discovered last week. They are a site in which you can create a blog while traveling. They also have a travel guide that you can use. They also have a section in which you can be featured by your travel blog, travel plans, travel destinations, and featured things to do while you travel. You can get advice from other real travelers so that your trip will be as good as they had. I love the site and I will surely try this when our dream travel will come true.

Go get your travel guide now and experience the trip you've never experienced before. Do try the site I said earlier because it will really help you with your travel plans OK?

Have a nice trip guys!

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