Today is Hubby’s Birthday!!!!!

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Happy Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is his special day so I want to make it special.

Yesterday when I went to Legazpi to buy the cake of my niece I bought a gift for him. And I kept it as a secret. I put it in a paper bag and he didn't even noticed it. When we got home I can't keep the secret anymore. I was telling myself that his birthday was today and I should keep it for at least 10 hours. He was lying on our bed watching TV and I joined him just to forget the whole gift thing. But I was still controlling myself. And I can't keep it anymore. What I did was I let him close his eyes (I even put a blanket on his face to make sure he wont peek. And then i gave him the gift. It was a Reebok t-shirt. He was smiling from ear to ear when he sees it. He loves t-shirt with a signature so I bought the Reebok shirt. He said he loved it. And he hugged me. Awwww! So sweet!

Right now I am eating the spaghetti I cooked for the celebration of his birthday. I cooked it for his friends. Jun said he will be celebrating his birthday with them. So I cooked a lot of spaghetti. Of course I will go with them. hihihihi! I don't care if I am the only girl there. =) We will buy bread when we get there. i hope they will like what I cooked. hihihi!

I am waiting for hubby right now here at my parents house. He is taking a bath at our house and then we will go to Legazpi for the celebration.

Again happy Birthday Honey! I hope this day is super special for you!

I love you so much! Mwuah!

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  1. Nita Says:

    I just wanted to greet your hubby a happy birthday! Sana more birthdays to come pa...

    Take care! :-)

  2. jenn Says:

    hi there, diane!

    happy, happy birthday to your husband! i am sure they'd love the spaghetti you cooked. how do you cook the sauce? me, i love it with a little evaporated milk. =) when it comes to spaghetti, i explore a lot, but i don't like seafood spaghetti (except tuna).

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  3. Me-ane Says:

    hi there diane,

    happy birthday to your darling dear! many happy returns.

    Me-ane's last blog post..Dianne and Ella Tagged Me

  4. liza Says:

    happy happy birthday to your hubby Diane!!Wish him a lot of blessing to come! Ahh sus Filipino spag. pang pahaba ng buhay! ;) hay nagutom tuloy ako..Ingat and enjoy your hubby special day! :)

  5. jennyL Says:

    belated hapi berdey to your hubby Dayeen. Aww how sweet naman. Pareho pala kami scorpio .. for sure mabait hubby mo at deadly ano ha hehehe

  6. jody Says:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! Behind every man's success is a supportive wife! Naks...

    jody's last blog post..Question Tag...

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