Another Wedding

I am already here at my parents house and we are already preparing for the wedding of my cousin this 9am. This wedding is on my fathers side. The last one was on my mothers side. It is so great to attend a wedding like this because I got to wear beautiful dresses which I often wear. I feel so girly when I am wearing a dress.

I have no major role in this two weddings. I mean I am not included in the entourage and I am so happy with that because it is a major hassle if I am included in the entourage.

I am off to change clothes now. I'll post pictures again tomorrow because I know I will be again tired later. Oh and I forgot after the wedding reception we will leave early to attend another occasion ~ a baptism. And Jun is one of the Godparents. Whew lots of things going on around here so tah tah for now guys!

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